Book Review: Freele and Frank and the women who haunt them.

Reading and Writing

American Book Review (with the kind assistance of Thomas Williams) recently published my combination book review of two short story collections: Feeding Strays by Stefanie Freele and In Envy Country by Joan Frank.

Below is a short excerpt from the review, but to read the full text, buy yourself a copy of American Book Review, or better yet, subscribe.

Freele and Frank convey, in fully formed ecosystems, the sublime intricacies of daily life. The women who form the nucleus of the activity are faulted and palpable, and their stories bear the fraught anticipation when your back is to the wave of an incoming tide; and like a rogue wave, the stories catch you off guard but plunge downward with a meaningful thump.

Meanwhile, I’m racing through several other books sent to me by a friend…Gabrielle Hamilton’s new memoir, Blood, Bones, & Butter and the new biography Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff. Hamilton’s book has inspired me to plant my ass in my chair and write and Schiff is making me itching to go on another Middle East adventure. Stay or go?

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