good things

100West Corsicana, artist residency – where they let you write all day, every day.

Air Mail, Graydon Carter’s new publication just launched July 20, 2019.

Erik Madigan Heck‘s photographs are some of the best. And he’s also good at drinking martinis.

Poison Papers If you don’t know about industry’s collusion with the EPA, you have a lot to learn.

Full Plates Full Potential. An organization trying to end hunger in Maine where 1 out of 5 kids do not have enough to eat.

The Dempsey Challenge. In Lewiston, Maine, walk, run, or ride to help care for individuals and families affected by cancer. “Founded in Lewiston, Maine by actor Patrick Dempsey, the Dempsey Center provides a personalized, holistic and integrated approach to cancer prevention, education and support. All services are provided at no cost to anyone impacted by cancer regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances or where they receive their medical treatment.

Btselem, doing the right thing in the West Bank.

“Vacationland,” an excerpt from my book. Published on Lithub.

Since 1870, Malatya Pazarı in Istanbul for spices and Turkish delight.

It’s never too late: ‘Dow Chemical loses key ruling in dioxin pollution dispute’

House of Literature. Oslo. Everything you need: coffee, wine, beer, books, smart discussions, smart people

Rolfs Kök, for the veal brains. Stockholm.

Dresses. Ulla Johnson. Oh the places I shall go in these. Just what it says: a hub of literary things.

Black Mountain Ski Area – I grew up skiing here. Cheap tickets, great terrain.

Border Collie Rescue at Glen Highland Farm – I wish I could get this kind of dog, but then I’d never go anywhere.

Moro. If you are in London and don’t eat here, you are a fool.

Looking to buy a Kilim flat weave rug from Turkey? No? Well, you should and you should buy them from Hamza at Noah’s Ark.

Where I buy seeds when I buy them, Baker Creek. I highly recommend the “perpetual spinach,” which is really a chard, but also a spinach. Goes all summer into November (in zone 6). Otherwise, I harvest my own seeds.

Freeman’s. More than a literary magazine; it’s where you can read an excerpt from my book!

3 thoughts on “good things

  1. Another good thing is your article, “GROWING UP IN MAINE’S “CANCER VALLEY”.” A bad thing is my inability to correctly punctuate that last sentence.

    PS) I grew up in Rumford. I graduated from R.H.S. in 1980, then drifted up I95 to Orono, for college, 3 separate times actually, before finally deciding to stay here. That said, your article fills my head with so many visions of home (yes, I still call it that, despite leaving 37 years ago). It also fills my heart with unbearable sadness. Both of my parents and my two sisters still live in the Rumford-Mexico-Peru area. Going home to visit them is both cathartic and deeply draining (emotionally).

    I will end this here, now. But thank you for writing your (our) story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just saw this today on FB. I could see and feel everything you wrote. Very sad to go home. My parents and most family still there as well. Glad to see you are doing well.


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