good things

Since 1870, Malatya Pazarı in Istanbul for spices and Turkish delight

It’s never too late: ‘Dow Chemical loses key ruling in dioxin pollution dispute’

House of Literature. Oslo. Everything you need: coffee, wine, beer, books, smart discussions, smart people

Rolfs Kök, for the veal brains. Stockholm.

Dresses. Ulla Johnson. Oh the places I shall go in these. – just what it says: a hub of literary things.

Black Mountain Ski Area – I grew up skiing here. Cheap tickets, great terrain.

Border Collie Rescue at Glen Highland Farm – I wish I could get this kind of dog, but then I’d never go anywhere.

Moro. If you are in London and don’t eat here, you are a fool.

Looking to buy a Kilim flat weave rug from Turkey? No? Well, you should and you should buy them from Hamza at Noah’s Ark.

Orion Magazine. Great environmental writing. Minus the patchouli.

Where I buy seeds when I buy them, Baker Creek. I highly recommend the “perpetual spinach,” which is really a chard, but also a spinach. Goes all summer into November (in zone 6). Otherwise, I harvest my own seeds.

Freeman’s. More than a literary magazine; it’s where you can buy an excerpt from my book!


2 thoughts on “good things

  1. Another good thing is your article, “GROWING UP IN MAINE’S “CANCER VALLEY”.” A bad thing is my inability to correctly punctuate that last sentence.

    PS) I grew up in Rumford. I graduated from R.H.S. in 1980, then drifted up I95 to Orono, for college, 3 separate times actually, before finally deciding to stay here. That said, your article fills my head with so many visions of home (yes, I still call it that, despite leaving 37 years ago). It also fills my heart with unbearable sadness. Both of my parents and my two sisters still live in the Rumford-Mexico-Peru area. Going home to visit them is both cathartic and deeply draining (emotionally).

    I will end this here, now. But thank you for writing your (our) story.

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