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I serve on the Board of the National Book Critics Circle and am the Book Review Editor for Orion Magazine and Journal of the North Atlantic and Arctic.  I also write for and teach nonfiction in The Master of Arts program in Writing and Oral Traditions at the Graduate Institute in Bethany, CT. My forthcoming book, What Remains, is about how our landscapes define us and how we define our landscapes, due out from St. Martin’s Press, 2020.

I received my MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and previously studied in the Master programme in Communication for Development, Malmö University, Sweden, an interdisciplinary program analyzing the interplay between politics, media, information and communication technology, international development, diversity, conflict resolution, and theories of social change within the context of globalization

I am represented by the incomparable, super likable, hard-working, Sarah Burnes, at The Gernert Company.

You can contact me at kerri.arsenault at




7 thoughts on “my bio

  1. Darrelyn always steers me right. You are a beautiful writer, somebody who I can only try to aspire to emulate.

    I just subscribed to your beautiful site.

    Thank you for providing such great inspiration.


  2. Hello cousin Kerri: I believe we have a shared genealogy. My grandfather John Patrick Peters (called “Pat”) and your grandfather Max were brothers. We would be 2nd cousins. I have a yahoo email address for you, and will send a message to it (hopefully it still works). Would enjoy chatting with you about our shared family.


  3. Hello Kerri,
    Just read your article Growing Up in Maine’s Cancer Valley. I grew up in Rumford and graduated in 1980. Your article was well done. It brought back memories and hopes good and bad. It must be difficult to relate a personal story about things you care for when you suspect the outcome will be bleak. Thanks for telling our story, showing humanity and good in a resource town is tricky. I’ll be looking for more of your craft.
    Cheers, Dave


  4. Hi Kerri: Rich, my brother, steered me to your chapter on the paper mill. A familiar family story as our dad worked there, too. Called it “a stinking hell hole. I like your work. It took me right back home. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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